Salvador Sánchez

Salvador Sánchez


Alfredo Salvador Sánchez Bolaños (born October 28th, 1943) is a Mexican actor and director. He was one of the most relevant actors among those who renewed the list of interpreters of Mexican cinema at the beginning of the seventies. Since then, he has stood out in films such as The devil fell from glory (Cayó de la gloria el diablo, .1971), The bump (La choca, 1973), The heist (El apando, 1975), Canoa (1975), Las Poquianchis (1976), Los albañiles (1976), Under the shrapnel (Bajo la metralla, 1983), Motel (1983), Journey to Paradise (1985), Going for a nut (1986), Fire Angel (1991), Lady at night (1993), Leap into the void (1994), Natural death (1996) , Only once (2000) and Herod's law (2000). He directed Pedro Páramo in 1981. Deserving of various distinctions for his acting work in film, including two Diosas de Plata, he has also developed an outstanding theatrical career and has participated repeatedly on television.

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お誕生日: 1943-10-28

出生地: Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico