Melvil Poupaud

Melvil Poupaud


Melvil Poupaud was born in 1973, he was named after Herman Melville by his screenwriter mother. He appeared in his first film when he was 10, under the direction of Raoul Ruiz. Since then he has acted in more than 30 films by such directors as Eric Rohmer, Jacques Doillon, Benoît Jacquot, Danielle Dubroux, James Ivory, and Raoul Ruiz with whom he has made a dozen features. 20 years ago, with the money from his first role, Poupaud bought himself a video camera and began to shoot short movies in his bedroom. Since then, he has continued to make fiction films inspired by his professional and personal experiences, a blend of horror movie, existential road movie, fantasies and immoral comedies. Melvil is his first feature film.

Known For: Acting

Fødselsdag: 1973-01-26

Fødselssted: Paris, France

Also Known As: